Exness bonus – extra trading leverage

The Exness offers bonuses to clients as a reward for registration or other actions on the brokerage website. The rewarded funds provide extra trading leverage and an opportunity to increase profits. Still, we recommend to be careful and remember that the bonus does not save from possible losses.

The rewards are valid for a limited time and may be limited to jurisdictions or countries or other criteria. However, all rewards are subject to the bonus policy of the broker. Here, let's look at these essential points.

Bonuses on Exness trading site1

Exness bonus types

The broker offers several types of rewards to its clients in 2020:

  • Exness deposit bonus or a percentage of the account contribution

  • Trade volume award

  • Cash and Promo Bonuses

  • Compensation

  • Reward in grams of gold, depending on the deposit

The first bonus is a percentage from Net Deposit. It means the difference between deposited and withdrawn money. In other words, it is the funds available on a trader's brokerage account. The company's decision determines the percentage.

The reward for trading volume is calculated as follows: Bonus = lots x bonus amount per lot for a specified instrument. For example, a trader has closed an order consisting of 2.1 lots of EUR-USD. He receives a reward of 2 lots x 2 dollars = 4 dollars. The broker doesn't count remaining 0.1 lot - only whole numbers are calculated. The Exness Indonesia decision sets the bonus amount for each lot of a particular currency. Award recalculations provide every 4 hours.

Some broker clients may receive gifts in cash. If the trader hasn't used this kind of bonus till the due date, it will be cancelled from the balance. 

Bonuses on Exness trading site2

The broker can charge compensation for lost funds as a result of unsuccessful transactions. You can find detailed examples of how this bonus is calculated in the official Exness bonus policy.

The reward in grams of gold is calculated according to the balance in the brokerage account. You can find it by formula (sum of funds deposited - the number of funds withdrawn) / 1,000) x number of grams of gold. 

Bonus Withdrawal 

The bonus conditions determine the amount of reward the client can withdraw from the brokerage account. Some programs assume that the bonus cannot be withdrawn and can only be used for trading. Please read the bonus terms carefully.

The company has the right to charge and cancel bonuses at its discretion. Cancellation of bonuses is possible if the client does not meet the broker's terms and conditions. All legal terms and conditions can be found in the help centre and the About section. We recommend you to read them to avoid any misunderstandings.

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